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As our food needs change, the need for reliable long-term refrigeration solutions grows.  Whether transporting frozen goods around the world or chilling food in cold rooms, it is of vital importance that temperatures are kept at a consistent level. Variances of just a few degrees can render refrigerated foods unsafe for consumption.


Today’s refrigeration solutions have to be energy-efficient, high quality and user-friendly. Reducing the amount of power they use while increasing the customer experience they provide.


Lodam can deliver advice, configuration information and more for transport and commercial refrigeration solutions. Leave your email under the contact tab if you’d like to be contacted, or you can read our cases below


Star Cool – Transport refrigeration

The Star Cool system was created in cooperation with Mærsk Container Industries (MCI). This innovative system delivers energy savings of up to 30% while minimising weight-loss due to dehydration. It also offers a low noise level, accurate temperature control and simple operation thanks to the graphical user interface.

Read more about Star Cool here.


ECOSTAR – Commercial refrigeration

Developed in close cooperation with BITZER, the ECOSTAR condensing unit was developed for advanced cooling control with a focus on creating a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Read more about the ECOSTAR system here

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