Culture and values

There is an old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We believe that in order to create a strong culture, you have to have strong values, or links. These values connect people to our organisation and create strong bonds that make up the foundation for future business and personal growth.


Our culture is informal and dialogue-based. New ideas and innovative suggestions are always welcome and we consistently encourage every employee to think outside the box. Qualifying ideas are discussed and tested in projects or routines, and then put into practice.


This approach to culture, and everything we do, can be traced back to our key values:


We strive to be a competent, reliable business partner. A partner that keeps its promises and consistently delivers above the bar in terms of quality, service and value.


We believe in individualism with a respect for diversity and the many cultures that come together to work under our roof. We’re driven by good attitudes, the mutual desire to achieve job satisfaction and our preparedness for change.

Good business acumen

We are driven by sound business practices in all daily decisions, both internally and externally. All decisions should be ethical and to the benefit of the company as a whole.




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