Refrigerated truck & trailers

Optimizing driver workflow

Together, Lodam Electronics and Lumikko Technologies developed a innovative new user panel, the LC3UP, that optimizes daily workflow for truck drivers and service personnel.

Lc3up Pixel Design Main Menu Cropped

Enhanced usability and serviceability of the refrigeration system was the main focus when developing a new user panel. And a better daily workflow for truck drivers and service personnel is not the only benefit.

The LC3UP’s new 4” color display with high contrast secures excellent viewing anglea and sunlight readability for the users, both inside and out, with automatic dimming of the backlight. The main screen can be customized to fit the different needs of the user including: larger text and the ability to monitor multiple temperature zones at the same time. The new display is easier to mount and customize to match the interior of the truck cab and dashboard light color scheme.

The menu interface is optimized for simple, intuitive operation with easy to read symbols and multiple languages in a completely redesigned “menu bar” format. The new display offers intuitive fault identification with clear instructions for drivers/service personnel for easy troubleshooting. The keypad is designed for user-friendly operation – which is becoming more and more important in the shipping industries.

Service personnel also have access to the large memory of recorded events Reports can be downloaded and the software can easily be updated via a USB port in the front.

You can read more about the LC3UP and Lumikko on

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