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Creating all-year comfort

Lodam ventilation control solution helps create perfect comfort and climate for people in one-family homes. The ventilation system can be with a compressor for active heat transfer or with a passive heat transfer from outlet to inlet air. Operation can be ventilation, cooling, heating and automatic mode where the temperature is kept at the set point. Compensation in ventilation and house heating is based on the outside temperature and the system is supplied with summer/winter operation for safer and more comfortable operation.

When combining these systems with modern heat exchanges and control technologies the energy of the exhaust air can be used to pre-heat the fresh air and/or water to be used for hot water or heating. This saves a significant amount of energy and reduces the payback time of the system by several years.

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Air conditioning solutions for great comfort

Lodam ventilation control solution is the key element in creating perfect comfort and climate for people in one-family homes.

Using a modern air conditioning or ventilation system does not only increase the air flow and help to maintain the indoor temperature at a desired and comfortable level, it also helps to significantly improve the air quality by reducing the amount of common pollutants such as dust, mould, pollen, smoke, radon and other chemicals evaporating from carpets, furniture, paints and cleaning liquids.

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