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Lodam Star Cool Controller

Refrigerated container operators depend on reliable and economical equipment.

Based on the Lodam Multi Controller 500-series controller board (LMC 500) the Star Cool reefer unit controller lives up to the increasing demands for high quality as well as low operational costs, easy and user-friendly functionality and optimized serviceability. In fact the customers of Maersk Container Industry containers have achieved lower operation costs and energy savings of up to 30% by using Star Cool.

The Star Cool has a unique humidity control system thus minimizing weight loss and securing even better products upon delivery. And the Star Cool controller sets new standards for user-friendliness and safe operation.

A graphic user interface and built-in pre-trip inspection, automatic components control and an advanced diagnostics system, ensure easy and reliable control of the refrigeration unit. All data storage in the controller is directly accessible via remote monitoring.

Facts - Star Cool

Low operational cost
Energy savings of up to 30%

Optimal environmental control
Minimized weight-loss and drying out of the cargo
Low noise level
Accurate temperature control - minimal hysteresis on set point

User Friendly
Simple operation
Logical, symbol based MMI
Graphical user interface

Built-in pre-trip inspection
Automatic components control
Advanced diagnostics systems
Comprehensive datalog

Lodam StarVent Controller

Some commodities benefit from a high level of ventilation, which eliminates condensation. Based on the Lodam Multi Controller 200-series controller board (LMC 200), the StarVent controller keeps the products dry and reduces or eliminates the risk of mould and fungi development.

Controlling the air flow (high and low speed) and performing phase detection, the StarVent is equipped with an alarm system and a datalog module storing all relevant operational data. All data stored in the controller is directly accessible via remote monitoring.

Facts - StarVent
Two speed fan control
Phase detection
Alarm system
Built-in datalog module 

Lodam StarLog

The Lodam StarLog system is used for the retrieval, downloading, monitoring and storage of data from Lodam’s transport cooling controllers.

StarLog consists of a PDA-terminal, with a windows-based, full graphical color touch display, as well as a web-based terminal program enabling internet-based communication from the PDA to the database storage, and a database used for data storage and data analysis.

The handheld PDA is designed for heavy use industrial environments, being able to operate from -30ºC to +65ºC and IP-class 67 tight.

Facts - StarLog
Data retrieval
Data Storage
Data/programme download
Data/system monitoring
Easy to use graphical interface
Colour touch display
Secure data validation and data storage

Lodam StarView

The StarView Windows PC program is specifically made for interaction with the Star Cool reefer containers controller.

The full graphical tool is designed to show status of the unit, show active alarms and view status of the latest PTI test. The datalog in the controller can be retrieved and shown in StarView – and the firmware in the controller can be updated and the USDA sensors can be calibrated.

Facts – StarView
Communication with the Star Cool reefer unit
PC based graphical user interface
View status and alarm list
Retrieve the datalog from the reefer unit
Calibrate the USDA sensors
Change container ID of the reefer unit
Update the firmware in the controller
Monitor operation of the unit

See more at www.starcool.dk

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Climate control in transport refrigeration

Lodam cooling control solutions cover a range of applications:

  • Reefer Units 
  • Truck & Trailer Units
  • Clip-on Units

The Lodam Controllers are based on the same hardware platform and are tailored to the specific need due to individual software solutions. The result is efficient climate control, which saves energy and money by reducing your units’ hourly operation cost while having a positive impact on the environment.


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