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Industrial refrigeration case from Bitzer


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Ecostar - Condensing Unit

The Ecostar Condensing unit delivers cooling capacity to one or more evaporators - and is developed in cooperation between BITZER and Lodam.

Based on the Lodam Multi Controller 300-series board, LMC300, the Ecostar is a very flexible condensing unit, which lives up to the demands of low energy consumption yet having a wide capacity range.

The Ecostar is delivered complete with a frequency inverter controller compressor, a condenser, speed regulated fans, a refrigerant receiver and an electrical switchbox with the LMC300 controller.

The Ecostar has a built-in datalogger for documentation and easy service of the unit. The advanced alarm system monitors the compressor, frequency inverter, sensors and the frequency inverter and restarts the system in case of alarms.

There is a display for easy setup, data viewing and maintenance. The user can choose between English and German display language and there are several password layers on the display.

Facts – Ecostar

Frequency controlled compressor
Speed controlled condenser fans
Can be used with many refrigerants
Easy installation since only power, suction line and liquid line need to be connected
Low noise level
Display for easy customization with several layers of password protection
USB connection for easy remote monitoring
Signal for CTS equipment
1 year datalogger

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Efficient preservation and storage of goods

Lodam refrigeration control solutions are used within control of climate in chillers and condensing units for supermarkets, industrial air conditioning and cooling storage facilities.

The Lodam Controllers are based on the same hardware platform and are tailored to the specific need due to individual software solutions. The result is efficient climate control, which saves energy and money by reducing your units’ hourly operation cost while having a positive impact on the environment.

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