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Saving energy and money

The Lodam Domestic Hot water Controller controls the entire process, from heating of hot water to defrosting to protection against legionella contamination. The optimized control ensures low energy consumption and is combined with a user panel with easy operations. The heat pump has a high-pressure switch for safety and the user can also select if an electric heater should be used for supplementary heating in very cold periods. All adding up to a highly efficient energy- and cost-saving solution.

The Lodam Domestic Hot Water Controller is supplied with a lot of controlling-features like automatic summer/winter detection through outside temperature sensor, possibility of supplementary heat using electrical, gas or oil heating – prioritized using a comfort and an energy saving scheme, protection against legionella by heating up the water to 63° C and an anti frost program, with automatic start up of the circulation pump by temperatures below 3° C. All in all a solution tailored to be very efficient and energy saving.

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Efficient hot water control

The Lodam Heat Pump controllers can be used also in domestic heat pumps and in solutions for domestic hot water. The heat pump uses air temperature for generating hot water for household use, showering, washing up etc.

The unit is typically with a compressor, condenser fans, heat exchanger and large hot water storage – and a Lodam controller.

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