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User panels

A range of user panels supplements our controllers. They vary in terms of design, function and usability and provide access and control of the controller and thus the whole system.

Customized Solutions
When desired, Lodam can develop exactly the user panel you need. The function of the user panel can be individually tailored to comply with your exact requirements, enabling the user to gain easy operation of the panel.

But also in terms of shape, design, colour, buttons, display and other physical features you can choose exactly the user panel, you want. We enjoy close co-operation with several industrial designers from Denmark and abroad, who can help to design exactly the user panel you need.

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Customized design and function

The range of multiple user panels is developed to support any Lodam controller solution and our standard range of user panels varies in terms of design, function and usability – thus enabling you easy access and control of the whole system.



Customized user panels giving several benefits:
• Creation of a unique design in order to ensure a strong and uniform identity
• High user friendliness thanks to easy and
  logical operation menus
• Easy software upload through USB Comm.
• Easier maintenance with hidden setup menu
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