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The Windows based Lodam Multi Tool, LMT, can communicate with all Lodam controllers. The LMT is very flexible and can easily be configured for use by a developer, a technician or by an end-user: A technician could use LMT for analyzing performance of a condensing unit. The end-user could use LMT for looking at the performance of his domestic heat pump. The LMT can be used for all applications where a Lodam controller is installed: Heat pumps, Air conditioning/Ventilation, Hot-water solutions, Transport cooling, Condensing units and other cooling areas.

Customized Solutions
The range of optional software modules from Lodam gives you a variety of possibilities to optimize the system. Maintenance, service, datalogging, performance and operations can be controlled individually thanks to the wide range of modules.
Additionally, the LMT can be customized with an application diagram for the specific customer's system to increase the user friendliness and usability.

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The software modules available for the Lodam multi controller solutions are the key to optimize your system and save energy. Lodam is tailoring each controller exactly to your needs and system requirements - and not the other way around where you need to adapt to the limitations of standard controllers.


  • Enhancement of system capability making it more efficient and energy saving
  • Easy analyzing and system maintenance
  • Easier product developments and tests
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