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Optional Modules


Optional modules

Modules for optimizing the system

A variety of sensor, communication modules and other optional modules supplement our controllers. They vary in terms of design, function and usability and enables you easy access and control of the controller and thus the whole system.

Customized Solutions
The range of standard optional modules from Lodam enables you to optimize the entire system and to simplify usability and enhance performance. Additionally, the different modules can customize the control exactly to the application with extra I/O, wireless remote controls or other features.

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Optional modules

The own developed Lodam multi controller hardware is the base for all solutions. And through different specialized software modules each system can be tailored to your specific system and needs.

Additionally, each system can be accompanied by a range of communication modules, sensors and other optional features – and thereby improving the efficiency of the whole system.


The Lodam range of optional modules leads to several benefits for you:
• Enhancing system capability and making it
  more efficient and energy saving
• Extra I/Os after your need
• Wiresless communication - easy access to data
• Multiple sensors specific to each application
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